Alnona is a natural sanctuary for the soul; a spiritual community united in the intention to live a life of reverence, meditation, and harmony with nature and the elements. Located on the Island of Lefkada at the top of a hill, Alnona was founded in 2019 by a cluster of fellow travelers, following a vision to manifest an intentional community and embrace alternative living.

The first stones

One year after, the project is still in movement. Follow us in this first year and see how we do and who we are.

Work Exchange

ALNONA has the intention to hold the balance between work, meditation, and personal growth. Aside from the practical duties, there are opportunities to go deeper into learning hands on skills within the various branches of work, to enjoy the social intimacy of the work exchange circle, and to be part of Alnona through workshops, events, and gatherings. Work will be designated according to each one’s interest, skills, and the needs of the community.
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Contact Us for assistance with any questions regarding a visit as well as volunteering and accommodation.
The minimum stay in the Village is two weeks. This is to allow you to get oriented and tune into its unique frequency.

Emails are typically answered within 72 hours.